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Vehicle Space Management for Trucks and Cars



All functionality of MFDS can be integrated/combined in one system.

The "MFDS for truck parking balancing" determines the number of free parking spaces at motorway parking and resting areas. For this purpose, all vehicles are detected at the entrance and exit, classified according to truck and passenger car 5 + 1, and the number of incoming and outgoing trucks is calculated with the number of available parking spaces. The current status of the parking space is sent to a central computing unit and can be made available to all traffic users via a smartphone application. Further application possibilities arise from the parking space management for cars.



  • Quick and easy to install without interference to the traffic area
  • Also functional in pollution and difficult weather conditions


Use Cases

  • Locking, Parking equipment
  • Trade fairs / Stadiums / major events
  • Parking fees / payment service (app-capable)
  • Compatibility possible navigation systems / route planning



Smartphone App available

  • Live data about parking assignments
  • Statistics Indexes (hours / days / months / years)
  • Information about parking facilities and rest areas
  • Direct routing possible / easy-driving time control

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