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Traffic Management



All functionality of MFDS can be integrated/combined in one system.

The "MFDS for traffic management" provides a wide range of applications that provide valuable information not only to the road user, but also to road operators and traffic planners. For example, a traffic counting can be carried out with a 5 + 1 vehicle classification (both in and out of the city). The system is also suitable, for example, for mobile use in front of construction sites for the detection of traffic congestion situations. Using this data, display panels can be switched and the flow of traffic can be controlled sensibly.



  • fast and easy to install with no intervention on the transport space
  • Stationary or mobile use (for example, on construction sites)
  • Classification of vehicles by traffic engineering specifications (5 + 1 classification)


Use Cases

  • General traffic counts (for road operators and traffic planning / city / state / federal)
  • Congestion and traffic flow information
  • Determining the density of traffic




Smartphone-App available

  • Information provision to road operators and traffic planners
  • Live-data transmission, e.g. possible in traffic control center or municipality for timely traffic management
  • Data delivery in different formats and media

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