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Ghost Driver Warning System



All functionality of MFDS can be integrated/combined in one system.

The detection system, which is positioned at highway descents, as well as parking and rest facilities, detects potential wrong-way drivers when entering the wrong directional lane. For detection of wrong-way driver a patented wireless technology is used, which is housed for road users visible in the guideposts at the roadside. The radio field detects objects whose size and direction. A technology component in the vehicles is not needed. Advantages of the system are detection rate (< 5 sec.), accuracy, cost-effective and weather-independent technology, as well as fast and uncomplicated installation of the system. In addition, the entire detection system is to be operated by solar energy in an energy-efficient and fail-safe manner.



  • Immediate alert in wrong-way drivers
  • Detection reporting chain to the receiver <5 sec.
  • Alerting on the danger zone be delimited
  • Information processing by TMC, radio, smartphone app and police and rescue workers

  • System installed in delineators roadside and therefore invisible
  • Quick and easy to install
  • upgradeable




Smartphone-App available

  • Alarmed within 5 seconds after wrong-way driver detection
  • Alarmed visually and acoustically via voice output
  • Warning is only in direct danger zone
  • Processing the GPS position only in the smartphone
  • No disclosure of sensitive data