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Environmental Sensorics



All functionality of MFDS can be integrated/combined in one system.

Information about the environment is becoming more and more important in cities. This can be particulate matter or NOx values to monitor the environmental impact, or classic values such as temperature, pressure, humidity to map weather and road conditions.

With the MFDS, this information can be collected and analyzed in addition to the traffic data. The sensors are located directly in the MFDS traffic telematics, or can be processed as external sensor values in the MFDS web portal. In particular, the linking of environmental data with the current traffic information in real time can create added value in order to steer traffic sensibly, to warn of weather influences and to reduce emissions into environmental zones. These applications support today's concepts for urban networking on the way to smart city.


MFDS Umweltzone


  • Fine Dust Measurement
  • NOx Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Humidity Measurement
  • Noise Measurement

    additional sensors can be integrated



  • Integration in the MFDS system
  • Direct linkage of environmental impact with weather conditions and traffic flows

  • Data delivery fast and easy via cloud or interface
  • statistical evaluations
  • Interfaces for traffic control possible


Use Cases

  • Monitoring of environmental zones
  • Monitoring of roads with high particulate matter and NOx pollution
  • Weather information and black ice warning
  • Information about noise pollution at the street

Tags: counting sensors, ground sensor, sensors / ultrasonic sensor / lidar sensor