Project H2020 MFDS

In mid-2017, a Phase 1 feasibility study on the marketing of the MFDS in the SME instrument of the Horizion2020 program was requested and subsequently approved with the granting of EU funding. The 3-month R & D project was carried out from August to October 2017.
During this period all key data and characteristics of the MFDS were summarized and detailed information about the potential customers and the target markets in Germany was compiled. Due to the good networking of Wilhelm Schröder GmbH with the authorities and the Federal Republic of Germany even more detailed information could be determined. Focus was then placed on expanding the markets and potential customer base across the EU.

Overall, the 20-page final report produced includes the following points:

  • Technical and commercial risk assessed and mitigations identified
  • Business model and sales figures validated against market conditions
  • Innovation project work plan and budget
  • Marketing strategies developed
  • Five-year business model

Further steps are derived on the basis of these results.

The Wilhelm Schröder GmbH was actively supported by our consultant team "Hans Eßer und Partner".

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This project has received funding from
the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research
and innovation 
programme under
grant agreement No 781172