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Project FFWS

Electronic detection and warning system of wrong-way drivers on highways by Radio tomography


Project-Duration: 01.Mar.2011 to 28.Feb.2013

An electronic detection and warning system reliably detects wrong-way drivers when entering the wrong directional lane and issues both local warnings and traffic reports. The passive driving direction detection based on a radio technology can be incorporated into existing infrastructure components, e.g. guiding posts.

The aim of the cooperation project was to provide an efficient, low-maintenance and retrofittable wrong-way driving system, which enables a wide-area deployment. On the basis of an already patented radio technology, Schröder GmbH has identified a suitable carrier platform. In addition, these are equipped with energy harvesting functionality and the required electronics hardware is developed.

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As a result of the cooperation with the project partners TU Dortmund and RWTH Aachen, a radio-based, easy-to-retrofit wrong-way driving system was developed. This is designed as passive travel direction detection and can be integrated into existing guideposts. It works independently of the type and equipment of the vehicles to be detected. If a vehicle moves through a radio connection, the attenuation of the radio signal causes shading which weakens the resulting reception field strength. The intrusion of the received field strength is measured and evaluated by special software. The "walking" of the shading through the radio field points to the direction of travel. If a wrong-way driver is detected, optical warning signals alert the malfunction. In addition, this information is transmitted by radio to a master module, which informs the traffic control centre via an integrated mobile radio module, which in turn sends a warning to affected traffic users.

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More information about the system and the project partners involved can be found here: